Habbo Vs Roblox Comparison

    • Game
    • Game Name
    • Habbo
    • Roblox
    • Gameplay
    • Habbo has one main feature that is the hotel. Navigate to the rooms and check out the best one. There are official or public rooms, guest rooms and games that you can choose. You can use the three main types of currency. But catalogues and furniture and decorate the hotel. So, there is help at hand all the time. You can also join competitions online.
    • You can also customize all the designs of the accessories. Download the browser after that and play the online games. W, A, S and D, are the active keys in the game. You can use the mouse and also change the camera angles. You can now develop and play your very own game. Get the best rewards on Roblox.
    • Graphics/Sounds
    • Graphics are not very realistic. They are average. However, it is carefully arranged.
    • The game has taken the quality of sound and graphics to the next level. Every animation seems real and engaging.
    • Learning Curve
    • It is a pretty easy game for kids and parents as well. It involves many game-based learning activities. Children can understand the game with a lot of ease. Looks great and runs great on numerous platforms.
    • The game has taken the quality of sound and graphics to the next level. Every animation seems real and engaging.
    • Who play The Game
    • A large percentage of Habbo’s users are in the range of 13 years -18 years. User under 13 are not authorised to play the game.
    • It is mostly suitable for age 7+. Children or youngsters and adults can play this game. Thus, it does not have any age limit as such. You can let your creativity soar.
    • Desktop/Mobile
    • Players can play the game on desktop as well as mobile. You can play the game online.
    • Players can play the game both on desktop and mobile.
    • Devices/OS
    • You can download and play the game on Windows, Android, iPad. There are so many options.
    • You can play the game on various platforms like iOS, Android, Xbox, Mac OS.
    • Estimated Number of Players
    • There were a recorded number of players, say around 278 million in 2012.
    • 100 million active users have already player this game.
    • Overall
    • The game has managed to create nine online communities so far. It is more than a game, as players can get so much to do on the site. If you want to chat with friends and play at the same time, this is what you should play. It has also received the rating amongst the top 10 chat and instant messaging sites. Habbo is a very old game. The popularity has been lessening over the years.

    • The game has been well-received the world over. More and more people are downloading and playing the games. Teens and adults may have a great time altogether. This is one unique experience. The game has been received with open arms from all quarters. The safe chat mode is something that parents are liking. This is a good introduction for small children, to the world of gaming.

  • Should You Play Habbo

    Habbo is an online virtual community made in a pixel-art style which allows the player to make friends, create their own avatar, chat and build rooms. There are a variety of things which can be done at this game including building structures showing of your architectural talent,  participating in fun competitions to earn rewards as well have fun with the camera features. You can participate in numerous competitions free of cost and get your creative juices flowing to portray your talent and start earning rewards. Here you can create your own space, stay among your friends and keep adding to your progress as well as your skill set while fully expressing yourself. This game is sure to make you have fun!
  • Should You Play Roblox

    Roblox is a game like no else which aims to bring the world together through the medium of play. Here, you are free to imagine and create any space that you like and have fun along with your friends immersing yourself in this 3D experience. You get an opportunity to produce your own multiplayer experience with the Roblox studio. This platform has been ranked among the top platform for people under the age of 18 based on the time spent here as well as the monthly visits. The means of the popularity of the site is solely word of mouth through which millions of people come here to create anything and everything that their mind can imagine.

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